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what they say about saryan museum

Thank you so much for showing us more about the rich Somaliland culture that many of us don't know about. We appreciate this museum and Insh'Allah it will take a great role in the education of both Somalilanders and non Somalilanders alike.
Abaarso School of Science and Technology
Students and Teachers
Interesting to learn about the history of Somaliland people. Worth visiting this place.
Roda maxamuud
This place blew me away to be honest I didn't think I would get this emotional from a little tour.I am going to start learning my history.
Hamda yusuf ibrahim
A great insight to truly remarkable history of Somaliland struggles and aspiration.
My first visit in Somaliland and ready to discover its culture and history. This museum has help finding out about it. Many thanks.
Marie christine