Mission and Vision


Mission Statement:

The Somalilnd Saryan museum acquires, preserves, exhibits and interprets material relevant to the human and natural history of Somaliland. All of these materials are available to residents and visitors to access, research and enjoy.

Vision Statement:

To be a public meeting place that encourages the appreciation of the rich heritage of  Somaliland and to be recognized as a current and relevant museum, containing artifacts and archives that are well cared for, well organized and well displayed exploring the past,illuminating the present and imagining the future.


To fulfill this purpose, the Museum will perform below stated specific objectives:

  • collect, classify, preserve and display objects relevant to its purposes;
  • undertake or sponsor research relevant to its purposes;
  • arrange for and sponsor travelling exhibitions of material in, or related to, its collections;
  • arrange for the acquisition or publication and the sale to the public of books, pamphlets, replicas and other materials related to its purposes;
  • undertake or sponsor programs for the training of persons in the professions and skills involved in the operation of museums;
  • establish adequate liaison with other museums and universities with a view to securing maximum collaboration of all activities in this field;
  • Arrange for and provide professional and technical services to other organizations whose purposes are similar to any of those of the museum.
  • Support awareness and advocacy preventing illicit trafficking of ancient antiquities and destruction of cultural heritage in Somaliland.
  • Provide short training courses concerning basic archeological studies for the college graduate students interested in this field.
  • To collaborate and advise with the state  line ministry to  create jobs for  those who  successfully accomplished training courses in order to assist safeguarding existing archeological sites and also help  to control illegal trade and trafficking of valuable objects at the exit points of Somaliland  like  airports and   sea[ports of the country.

The Role of the Advisory Board

The Board helps the saryan museum History is to build successful partnerships, social capital and support for collaborations with a variety of constituencies, including legislators, potential donors, the business community, community organizations, the media and diverse communities of the University of Minnesota

The Board provides expert advice, consultation, feedback and critique, idea generation, financial support and other investments in support of the museum’s mission.

The Board serves as an active advocate, with both internal and external constituent groups, in assisting the museum in achieving strategic priorities and promoting its local, national and international prominence.