Somaliland's first Museum

The Saryan Museum was founded in 2017 by Mr. Saeed Shukri with passions for collecting and preserving cultural and historical items. Located in Sha’ab area of Hargeisa, the Museum collects objects with ethnographic, historical, prehistoric and natural historical significance. Its collections include documents of the history of Somaliland from the earliest periods, archaeological artifacts, ethnographic objects as well as numismatics.

Discover powerful moments in Somali history, culture, and community.


Saryan envisions its future as a nationally and globally recognized museum with an outstanding collections and programs that help understanding the past, appreciating the present, and embracing the future, strengthening the bonds of the community, and facilitating solutions to common problems.

Our collection

The Museum’s current collection is comprised of approximately 2,500 items that include archeologic tal artifacts, natural history, ethnology, fine art, newspapers and periodicals, historical maps, books as well as an extensive collection of photographs, and paintings.


The mission of Saryan Museum is to collect, study, preserve and exhibit and promote our peoples’ culture, history, in order to foster a deeper understanding of, and appreciation for Somaliland’s heritage. Through its programs, the museum intends to create an interest in Somali culture for national and international audiences.


The Museum has a 5-person Board of Directors composed of a Chair person, Vice Chairperson, a Secretary and a Treasurer. The Board helps the museum to build successful partnerships, social capital and support for collaborations with a variety of institutions The Board provides expert advice, consultation, feedback and critique, idea generation, financial support and other investments in support of the museum’s mission.

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